Selling popcorn inside First Niagara Bank at Troy's Victorian Stroll, Dec. 6, 2009
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Stroll01 The machine
Stroll 02 Lions Tom Hart and Maryanne Gordon serve a stroller
Stroll 03 Ruth Sano, Paul Vergoni, Uncle Sam, Diane Hart, Jerry Gordon, Tom Hart, Maryanne Gordon - all Lions except Uncle Sam
Stroll 04 Lions Ruth Sano and Dennis Fagan with some strollers
Stroll 05 Bob Sano, Lion Ruth Sano, Lion Dennis Fagan and Waterford Lion John Delory, manager of First Niagara branch
Stroll 06 Lions Jerry Gordon, Tom Hart, Diane Hart and Maryanne Gordon serving satisfied customers
Stroll 07 Lions Paul Vergoni and Ursula Dessingue with helper Laura Vergoni
Stroll 09 Lions Larry Krug, John Krumanocker and Terry Page at a busy moment