Recycling Programs

Collection sites


We collect and reprocess used eyeglasses and sunglasses and distribute them at no charge to the needy in developing countries around the globe. Your used glasses may give a child the chance to stay in school or provide an adult with the clear vision necessary to maintain employment.

Hearing aids

Used hearing aids help the hearing-impaired within our local community. Some can be remanufactured and reused; monetary credit we get for the others goes towards new hearing aids.

Cell Phones

We want phones and phone batteries (NOT regular AA, AAA, C, D, etc batteries), but not chargers or other accessories. Older used cell phones that cannot be reused are recycled in accordance with state and federal EPA guidelines.

Used cell phones that have an economic value are refurbished and reused. The proceeds from the resale of these used cell phones provide less fortunate people a means of obtaining an inexpensive cellular phone.

Inkjet Printer Cartridges

We collect inkjet cartridges (the ones that fit in your hand), but not the much bulkier laser cartridges. Most of the ink jet cartridges are refurbished to be reused. The rest are obsolete and are recycled according to state and federal EPA guidelines.


The salient features of the cell-phone and printer-cartridge programs are: (1) they keep unwanted harmful products out of the landfills, and (2) they provide much-needed funds for the Albany & Troy Lions Club to continue its humanitarian missions.

Collection sites

The Albany & Troy Lions Club has over 80 collection sites for eyeglasses and hearing aids throughout Albany and Troy and the areas around and between them. Many of these are blue, white and yellow cardboard boxes into which you can put both glasses and hearing aids. In the coming months, we will replace these with blue plastic storage totes in the busier and in new locations.

There are about a dozen collection bins for phones and cartridges. A few are black cardboard boxes with green plastic tops, but most are gray plastic storage totes.


Rev. date: Aug 13, 2015